Manufacturing Consultancy

We aim to provide the best support to SME manufacturing companies to improve efficiency and maximise profit opportunities. Manufacturing is increasingly tough in a more globalised economy, so UK manufacturers have to be smarter than ever to remain competitive and grow their businesses.

Using our experience in manufacturing both with large multinational such as Coca-Cola, or smaller more personal SMEs, Look Up can provide support in many areas of manufacturing operations. For example:

  • Implementation of 5S
  • Review and implementation of stock control systems
  • Implementation or enhancement of lean manufacturing programs
  • Recording and writing SOPs
  • Coaching a mind-set change in employees

Sometimes, changing physical processes is not always enough, for example, the hardest S in the 5S implementation to achieve is Sustain.  Look Up can combine consultancy with coaching programs to change the mind-set of the individuals having to implement changes on the ground.