Training and Development

Organisations often promote people into positions of responsibility based on the length of service, but rarely support them in the transition or adequately train them for the requirement of the new job.

Even if the people are trained for the knowledge needed, we do not often show them how to run a team effectively, how to delegate competently and keep a team motivated and how to communicate as effectively as possible with those around them. 

Look Up provides a range of courses and programs for middle and senior managers to maximise their performance and reduce stress in themselves and their teams. We offer high quality training and workshops on:

  • Personal Leadership Skills
  • Office & Personal Communication Skills
  • Delegating not Dumping
  • Motivating Teams
  • Handling Underperformance without Conflict

Using our business experience, programs can be tailored to meet the more sophisticated needs of a senior management team in a large organisation, or presented in a way that appeals to a team of shift supervisors running a manufacturing plant.

DMM Training and Development

Some content is delivered in collaboration with a very respected Yorkshire training organisation, DMM Training & Development, led by the experienced trainer and coach, Diane Moisley-Mason.