6 Mar 2017

It was great to attend the York Community Coaching Conference on Friday last week organised by Coaching York.  Over 70 people from charities, councils, schools, coaching organisations and freelance coaches, all with an interest in Community Coaching and helping our local communities thrive.

The theme of the conference was the development of individuals, communities and organisations from a state of Dependence to Independence and finally to Interdependence, by using coaching.

It was a great chance to help with my CPD - watching a brave volunteer have a coaching session on stage in front of us all, was really interesting. It underlined to me that everyone has a distinctive style to their coaching.

The keynote speech was given by Professor Bob Garvey who explained that coaching is collaborative and egalitarian and never authoritarian.

The workshops were fabulous and gave me an insight into the work of local communities and how coaches can help. And the resident artist did wonderful pictorial summaries of the morning and afternoon sessions

Thanks to Boo Coaching & Consulting, York Council's Workforce Development Unit and Coaching York for a great day.

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